Initial Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation:  45 to 60 minutes - $70 
Add an Aromatherapy Massage and save $20
  • This is a one time, One-on-one consultation (we take a health history, discuss health issues to address, aroma preferences, essential oil blend recommendations and treatment plan)

  • Personalized essential oil blend preparation

  • Includes a personal essential oil blend/synergy



Follow Up Essential Oils Therapy Consultation:  30 to 45 minutes - $40 
Add an Aromatherapy Massage and save $20
  • Re-evaluate your health issues and concerns and make changes to the protocol if necessary

  • Personalized essential oil blend preparation

  • Includes a personal essential oil blend/synergy



Custom Essential Oils Synergy blend:  $15 to $30 
  • Personalized essential oil blend made especially for you and your health needs to continue your therapy at home

  • Essential oils have a wide price range and we can customize not only for your health needs but also for your budget

Your first appointment will involve a full consultation.  We will discuss your medical history, general health and vitality, and emotional well-being.  We will talk about the health issues you would like to improve, and together we will choose the most beneficial oils for you and the best treatment plan for your personal needs.  Our time together is all about you and how we can get you feeling your happiest and healthiest.

Aromatherapy is more than just lovely smells, it is a holistic approach to well-being and treatments will vary according to each individual's needs.  


Methods of application include;

  • Massage

  • Personal Inhalers

  • Baths

  • Foot baths

  • Vaporizers/Diffusing

  • Hot and Cold Compresses

  • Skin Care

  • Meditation


It is important that if you have any serious medical condition, you consult your GP before coming to see me. 

Essential oil drop