Foot Reflexology:   60 minutes - $60 
                                                 Add an Aromatherapy Foot Bath for $10
Good health begins with your feet.
Treat your feet to a wonderful, non-invasive therapy that can help improve your health.  
Research has proven the benefits of reflexology, particularly in reducing pain, enhancing relaxation, and reducing psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.  (See the link below to the University of Minnesota for research results.)
By skillfully applying pressure to the reflexes located on your feet, we can;
  • Release tension and lower stress
  • Reduce pain

  • Help the body to balance itself

  • Impact specific organs IE: increased blood flow to kidneys and intestines

  • Improve digestion

  • Improve kidney function

  • Induce deep relaxation

  • Help Lymphatic drainage

  • It is an ancient therapy that was practiced by many peoples of the world 

Reflexology Association of Canada