What is Clinical Aromatherapy and how can it help me?

What is Clinical Aromatherapy and what can it do for me?

Clinical Aromatherapy is a wonderful, natural and non-invasive way to improve your mental and physical health.

By spending an hour with a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist answering some pertinent health questions, you can find answers to many of your health issues. We take the time to really listen to you and then together, we can create a special blend of essential oils that will help you start feeling happier and healthier. By adding an Aromatherapy Massage to your treatment, your body will be activated to start doing it's thing. Our bodies are wonderful machines, but sometimes they just need a kick start and essential oils can help that happen.

Clinical Aromatherapy is holistic so we focus on the symptoms of dis-ease and the body as a whole instead of focusing on one thing, like cancer. How does the cancer make you feel? Are you nauseous? Do you have skin rashes or burns from chemotherapy? Do you have low energy? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? A Clinical Aromatherapist can help address each of these symptoms.

A Clinical Aromatherapist spends over 610 hours training in Anatomy, how each system of the body reacts to essential oils, the contra-indications of essential oils, the chemical constituents and the safe use of essential oils and so much more. We are taught to respect the oils and realize the potential for harm as well as the potential to heal if not used properly.

There is a lot of thought and consideration of numerous aspects that goes into choosing the right blend of oils for each individual and there is rarely or never a one size fits all answer to peoples health issues.

Do your health a favour and spend some time with a Clinical Aromatherapist and start feeling happier and healthier today.

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